Paint & Peel Jelly Stickers

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Make your own reusable stickers!

Use the special jelly paint to trace sticker designs - from penguins to rainbows - or create your own custom designs. Then, just let it dry, peel, and stick them to whatever you want.

Included is everything you need to make up to 60 reusable stickers and decorate them with rhinestones and wiggly eyes!

Phone cases, water bottles, screens - You're all set to glam up your gear with the Klutz Paint and Peel Jelly Stickers kit.

Klutz Paint & Peel Jelly Stickers

  • Kit for making and decorating reusable stickers out of paint
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity, self-expression
  • Make up to 60 reusable stickers
  • Decorate stickers with rhinestones and googly eyes!
  • Designs include palm tree, peace sign, rainbow, elephant, bunny, giraffe, narwhal, pizza, and more
  • Includes jelly paint in 4 colors, 6 googly eyes, 44 rhinestones, scraper tool, marker, 2 plastic sheets
  • 20-page book of ideas and inspiration included
  • Stickers stick easily to glass, metal, or plastic
  • High-quality materials - Exceptional crafting experience