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kNOW! — The first quiz game that's always up-to-date!

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kNOW! – the always-up-to-date quiz game powered by the Google Assistant. kNOW! is the first board game that is powered by the Google Assistant, which means that you can play a multi-activity quiz game that is always evolving and up-to-date. With over 1,500 questions for you and other players to compete, you can ask your Google Assistant for the most up-to-date answers to see who wins! Ask questions like ""Hey Google, how many days until Christmas?"" or ""Hey Google, how many episodes of ""Midsomer Murders"" are there?""

There's more to kNOW!

Be Extra! — With various game types, kNOW! is more than a quiz game. You'll use your creativity, strategy skills, and sixth sense to win!

Stay Current! — Professor kNOW! drops new content packs regularly for free.

Just Play! — Skip the rules and let the Google Assistant take you through each game!

Your Choice! — Play on or offline just as YOU like!


220 Quiz Cards, 1x Buzzer, 1x Game Board, 1x Shorting Strip, 6x Playing Pieces & Instructions