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Blockaroo Large Castle Set (35 pieces)

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These magnetic foam blocks are truly addictive. Each time they are clicked together building satisfaction is reinforced. Blockaroos large size is designed to be easy for young children to play with. The soft material means play is safe, even if the blocks take a tumble. Lightweight construction means parts stay together for imaginative play. The blocks float! Patented magnet design allows magnets to always attract. Wanna clean these blocks after a bunch of play? No problem, just throw them in the dishwasher! 

  • Patented magnet design allows magnets to spin inside the housing so they always attract.
  • Addictive clicking sound is emitted when blocks are rotated creating a “fidget toy” sensation.
  • Large sized bricks allow you to build large structures
  • Soft foam material is colourful and safe for young children to play with
  • The blocks float, so they can also be used as bath toys! 

For ages 18 months and up