Book Review with Greta May

Book Review with Greta May

Warriors: The Broken Code: #1 Lost Stars

Book Review Provided by Greta May

"Hi, I'm Greta May McLarty, and I'm going to try to interest you in this amazing book, Warriors! Enjoy!

One cold winter night, two cats, a medicine cat and his apprentice, climb to the moon pool only to find it frozen solid. StarClans contact with the clans has been cut off to every cat but one, and that cat has received some disturbing visions that could forecast a leader's death...

A young apprentice of SkyClan, who has a very odd father, searching for some herbs, finds himself on a frozen lake when suddenly the ice cracks and he is suddenly drowning in the ice-cold lake, and no one is there to save him...

A hard working older apprentice, soon to become a Warrior, heroically saves a cat and seeks a dream that wasn't meant to be. She is finding it hard to feel happiness and joy when she feels like her life was a waste...

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Read Warriors The Broken Code #1 Lost Stars"