Super Tubes

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Recommended for ages 8 to 12 years

Perfect for science fair excitement!

Assorted Super Tubes, each containing a mini science kit! Varieties include: Rainbow Tube, Just Add Water, Insta-Snow Powder, Energy Beads, Garbled Marbles, Ice Fishing, Solid Water, and Gravi-Goop.

Rainbow Tube - Grow color changing crystals!

Just Add Water - Make water disappear before your eyes!

Insta-Snow Powder - Expands to 100 times original size! Just add water, fluffs up like real snow!

Energy Beads - Amazing beads change color in sunlight!

Garbled Marbles - Grow giant jelly marbles!

Ice Fishing - Learn more about the incredible science of the superabsorbent polymer as you grow giant, colorful fish and huge, squishy crystals that look just like ice!

Solid Water - Make water disappear, and grow the alligator!

Gravi-Goop - Ooey, gooey fun!