Stitch and Sketch

eep your sketches, drawings and writing in a sketchbook that's different from any other. Make your own threaded creations with the Stitch and Sketch DIY Cover Sketchbook. This Sketchbook comes with a plastic threading needle, 9 yards of purple embroidery thread and a DIY cover with pre-punched stitching holes so you can make incredible stitching artwork on your new sketchbook. The sketchbook has 42 blank pages at 5 by 8 inches; it's plenty of room for amazing sketches but small enough to easily stow away in a bag. 7 example designs are included and even 4 blank DIY templates so you can plot out your own amazing stitch cover.  Try mixing and matching colored thread from different colored Stitch and Sketch DIY Cover Sketchbooks for a cover with even more color. 

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