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Make Your Own: Glitter Snow Globes

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Make Your Own Glitter Snow Globes is a high-quality craft perfect for the aspiring sculptor! Design your own clay creation, oven-bake, assemble, add glitter and shake! A no-leak, double-seal system gives each completed snow globe a beautiful, display-worthy finish. Celebrate holidays, the four seasons and special occasions with your very own sculptures‰ÛÓif you can think it, you can make it! The detailed instruction book is packed with helpful hints, ideas and clay molding techniques. A personalized snow globe is a great gift idea and with two globes in a set, you can even keep one yourself! Whether you are a fan of rainbows and rabbits or trains and turtles, you'll surely love Make Your Own Glitter Snow Globes!

‰ۢ Strengthens creativity, fine-motor, design and problem-solving skillsåÊ
‰ۢ Learn how to blend, layer and mold clayåÊ
‰ۢ Clay is a strong expressive art medium ideal for enhancing developmentåÊ
‰ۢ Design and display snow globes year-round
‰ۢ Includes: 2 snow globes, 12 clay colors, 10 glue dots, sculpting tool and glitter