LEGO Women of NASA: Space Heroes

Meet four amazing women ‰ÛÒ astronauts, scientists, and mathematicians ‰ÛÒ who helped make space travel a reality. Illustrated with photography from the new LEGOå¨ Ideas Women of NASA set, this book for children learning to read is a fun way to discover the achievements of some of space travel‰۪s greatest pioneers.åÊ

Read about Mae Jemison, the first African American women to travel in space. Find out how Sally Ride inspired future scientists after her career as an astronaut. Discover how Margaret Hamilton created computer software for the Apollo mission, and see the stars with Nancy Grace Roman through the giant Hubble Telescope. Learn about NASA, and explore what life is like aboard the Endeavour Space Shuttle!

Presented with fun images, simple vocabulary and lots of word repetition to engage young readers and help them build their literary skills,åÊDK Reader L1:åÊLEGOåÊWomen ofåÊNASA celebrates achievements in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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