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Dress Me Up!

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Mix and match fashion with the flip of a page!

Each of the eight friendly characters features three die-cut items of clothing just waiting to be brought to life with your choice of colorful patterns.

Flip through the three sets of patterned pages on the right side to decide the perfect combination and then flip them over so they rest beneath the character in question.

Give Isabella a leaf-patterned head scarf for a day in the garden. Dress Aiden in an ice-cream patterned tie for his big birthday party. Give Anika a heart-covered umbrella for singing in the rain.

No matter what you pick, the results are beautiful!

Cleverly creative, portable, and mess-free, Dress Me Up is a fabulous adventure for future fashionistas.

Dress Me Up!

A clever book of mixing and matching patterns to create perfect outfits

Encourages creativity, self esteem, experimentation

A fabulous, on-the-go adventure in creativity

Choose a character, flip over the pattern pages to create the perfect outfit

Features 8 characters, each with 3 die-cut articles of clothing

Includes 3 sets of pattern pages, one for each clothing item, 8 unique patterns in each set

Written, illustrated, and designed by Maria Carluccio

Published by Chronicle Books

High quality board book binding with strong pages