Cogworks Experimental Playset

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Explore the world of spinning gears, cogs and engineering with this wonderful playset! Place the pins, cogs and cardboard decorations on one of the six backgrounds, then spin the gears to see them come to life! Arrange the pins, cogs and cardboard decorations. Spin the gears to see the time on the clock, steer the car on the road, spin the submarine`s propeller, see the robot`s arms wave, and even launch the rocket. You can also add extra cogs just because they look cool!
• Spinning cogs playset with six background scenes
• Includes six cogs, six cardboard backgrounds, seven cardboard decorations, 100 colourful pins and one plastic box with a wooden cover
• Cardboard backgrounds include a steerable car, a ticking clock, a fire-breathing dragon, a waving robot, a whirring submarine and a rocket launch
• Use either for gear play or only to express artistic creativity
• Storage case is lockable
• The differently sized gears help children understand the basics of how gears work, helping to introduce them to ideas of force, speed, connectivity and engineering
• Great for developing problem-solving skills
• Perfect for inspiring imaginative and creative play

    Recommended for 3yrs +