Circuit Blox 395

This kit provides hours of fun and educational play for the student or young engineer. . The colorful building blocks have electronic components in them that, when assembled properly, will make circuits that light different lights, create entertaining sounds, and spin a motor and fan.
  • Set includes FM Radio Receiver, Amplifier, Resistors, Photo-resistors, capacitors & transistors.
  • All parts are compatible with lego, duplo and other popular building blocks to add even more fun to your building experience and add life and LED light to your old sets!
  • Includes an easy to read, illustrated manual and multiple projects to spark your sensory learning and creativity.
  • This fun and educational line is perfect for STEM, STEAM & STREAM learning-makes a great Birthday gift, Christmas gift or Chanuka gift.
  • Product line is the winner of multiple awards including: Creative Child Magazine: Creative Play of the Year Award & Product of the Year Award, Tillywig Brain Child Award Winner, Purdue University Promotes Engineering, Thinking & Design, Moms Choice Award, The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.
  • E-blox snap onto your existing building bricks to create endless possiblities while learning about electric circuits, switches, current and more .

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