Castle Kubkid

2 games in 1: ‰ÛÒ a puzzle to stimulate your child‰۪s imagination while having fun! 35 giant cardboard cubes to assemble to create both a pretty brick house and fun characters.- a construction game: very lightweight and sturdy, the cubes are easy for your child‰۪s small hands to handle. They can stack them as high as possible to make giant buildings!Set composed of 5 triangles (15,5 x 7,5 x 9 cm), 7 squares (15 x 7,5 x 15 cm), 7 big rectangles (30 x 7,5 x 15 cm), 16 small rectangles (14,8 x 7,3 x 7,3 cm), delivered flat-packed. Cubes should be assembled by an adult.Instruction sheet included to show how to assemble the blocks.

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