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Book Club Session 2 (6/23 & 6/30) - The Great Peach Experiment

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The Great Peach Experiment - Sweet summer has taken a rotten turn . . .
After a tough year, Lucy, Freddy, and Herb Peach are ready for vacation. Lucy wants to read all of the books on the summer reading list. Freddy wants to work on his art projects (when he isn't stuck in summer school). Herb wants to swim every day. Then their dad makes a big announcement: one of the inventions their mom came up with before she passed away has sold, and now they're millionaires! But Dad has bigger plans than blowing the cash on fun stuff or investing it. He's bought a used food truck. The Peaches are going to spend the summer traveling the country selling pies. It will be the Great Peach Experiment--a summer of bonding while living out one of Mom's dreams. Summer plans, sunk. And there's one more issue Dad's neglected: none of them knows how to bake. . . .

If you're new to the KJ Book Club, select the New KJ Book Club Member payment option ($25.00). If you've already participated in a KJ Book Club, please select the Existing KJ Book Club Member payment option ($20.00)

In addition to the book and club meetings, New KJ Book Club Members will also receive a KJ Book Club Tote Bag, a notebook and pen.

During each book club meeting, your kiddo can expect to experience a relaxed conversation about the book, but also a fun activity!  

Age:  8 - 12 years old

Day/Time: Thursdays 1:30-2:00 - Each book club session will consist of two meetings (consecutive Thursday afternoons).    

Drop Off Info:  When you sign up, in the notes section provide your child's name, as well as your name and phone #