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Beginning With God at Christmas

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Beginning with God at Christmas helps parents with young children to explore the real Christmas story with their child. Eight Bible stories cover the events of the first Christmas, and a quick introduction to who Jesus is.

This special Christmas edition differs slightly from the regular Beginning with God books. The left side of each page is the same as usual containing the 'main course' which leads toddlers through that day's true story from the Bible. On the right side there is space for the sticker and also a picture to color in (based on the sticker) that illustrates the story you have been reading about. This coloring picture is in place of the usual Appetizer menu and Snack for the journey. This makes the book even easier to use and especially accessible for families who don't normally read the Bible together.

This Christmas edition provides a simple way to start your child in a regular habit of reading God's word and growing to know God, who loves them. It's an ideal introduction to the full 'Beginning with God' series.

Beginning with God has been designed to work with The Beginner's Bible, but it can also be used with most other infant Bibles.

‰ۢ Short passages to look at each day
‰ۢ 22 full-color stickers
‰ۢ Works alongside The Beginner's Bible
‰ۢ Includes a picture of today's story to color in
‰ۢ Sections on using the book and praying with a child

Please note that Beginning with God at Christmas uses a selection of stories and illustrations from Beginning with God Book 1.