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Snowy Day Thoughts

With the forecast telling us there could be a little snow this weekend, I brought home a set of cereal box puzzles thinking it might be a fun thing for us to do together.  It was probably a little bit of nostalgia kicking in for me.  I feel like snow days in. my childhood usually included puzzles!  While we did lots of puzzles when the boys were young, it has been a long time since we sat down to work on something more challenging.

After breakfast, I pulled them out excited to get started.  The boys reaction was not the same ... they complained and didn't want to try something new, but I insisted and we sat down together to work on them.  It was one of those "we are going to do this and have fun because I said so!"

We worked through them together ... flipping over all the pieces, sorting out the border pieces and filling in all the pieces.  We finished them.  They enjoyed the satisfaction of finding that missing piece and completing the task and honestly asked if we could do the remaining three puzzles!

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Why am I sharing my snowy day thoughts?

  • I want you to know that we struggle with technology and it's place in our lives too. Having an entire store full of all the fun things you can imagine doesn't eliminate the struggle.  When you ask me about how we handle technology in our family, you will often hear me say that it is a BALANCE and not a BATTLE.  After all, most of our kids use IPADS and Chromebooks in school every day and they are going to have to know how to use technology in their lives.  Today, they were complaining, because they know they only get to play video games on the weekends and that's what they wanted to do, but we are working on that BALANCE in our lives.  
  • Early last week, I spent some time with Ashley Miller from All Aboard Pediatric Therapy.  We walked around the shop and talked about the different benefits of play that items in our shop provide. I am continuing to educate myself on the building blocks of play and how they help our kids meet milestones that go way beyond the boxes we check off during well child visits.  My youngest is five and some of the things Ashley shared with me I didn't know.  I wish as a young mom, I had known the "why" behind those questions they asked me at visits and how they would affect development beyond those early years.


I am looking forward to the coming months where I will be sharing much more than just snowy day thoughts with you on the technology balance and the benefits of play with you and how we can encourage each other in this journey!