We've Moved - Join us for our GRAND OPENING!!!

New Look for our New Location

When I started Kindness & Joy Toys almost two years ago ... I honestly never thought I would get to realize my dream of opening a brick and mortar store!  My logo was done quickly and without much thought.  As we have prepared for the new space, I kept thinking that I wanted something a little more! (And somewhere along the way I realized that most kids can't read cursive!)

I worked with my talented friend, Rebekah Mathis, to develop this new look for Kindness & Joy Toys that you won't just see as the sign out front.  This new logo and look will be incorporated through the store and even into the wrapping paper we will use!

I wanted the logo to be bright, fun, and modern ... and to symbolize celebration as well as play!  

-The colors are BRIGHT!

-The text is MODERN and FUN!

-The shapes represent PLAY!

-The confetti represents CELEBRATION!


We love being a place where we celebrate the KINDNESS of the giver and the JOY of the recipient and we hope this new logo is the sign you look for on North College for years to come and that you will see worked throughout the store in different ways!

Love, Lindsay