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How to Build the Perfect Easter Basket

I was thrilled when The Scout Guide of Northwest Arkansas asked me to share how to build a perfect Easter Basket!  Make sure you are following The Scout Guide to know how to Live, Love, Local in Northwest Arkansas!

I still have the basket my mom used to fill up each Easter ... and it is one of those traditions that I knew I wanted to carry on with my boys.  Here a few simple steps to get you started with building the perfect Easter Basket!

Start with a Book

Books make a great start for an Easter Basket!  They are a good backdrop to build the rest of your basket around and books are always a great gift to give!  Find an age appropriate book centered around the Easter Story or around the child's favorite interest. 


Find a Soft Plush

Bunnies, lambs, and chicks are the most popular, but we have also been filling easter baskets with basketballs, dinosaurs, unicorns, and more!  Soft and cuddly these plush friends will be something they hold on to all year long.  

In the shop, we often have moms of older kids say they certainly hear it when they don't include a plush in their kids baskets even if it is something small. No matter the age of the child or the size of the plush, it is something kiddos love to find in their baskets.


Stick in Candy

Like other holidays, Easter is one where candy is a must have!  I love for my kids to have candy treats, but also like to find unique treats as well as ways to limit it.  In the shop this year, we have several candy options that are unique and limit the amount!  Candy Lollipop boxes offer a mix of different kinds of candy in a way that isn't an overwhelming amount.  The candy cubes are filled with yummiest gummy candy shaped like bunnies or eggs and you can never go wrong with a tin of gum balls!

Finish with a specific interest

Whether they are into sports, dinosaurs, unicorns, sloths, art, or fire trucks ... the shop is full of fun treats to fill up a basket and offer a little fun on Easter morning!  In my 10 year old son's basket this year, I am including a stuffed baseball and I remember putting a Thomas the train in his basket when he was four. Including a specific interest in their basket each year is a fun way to watch them grow over the years as their interests change!  


No matter the size of the basket or the number of things included in the basket, filling up an Easter basket is a great way to celebrate the season!  We like to say at Kindness &  Joy Toys that we are a place where we celebrate the KINDNESS of the giver and the JOY of the recipient and that is definitely apparent in this Easter season.


Bring your basket in the shop any time before Easter and let us help you build the perfect basket and wrap it up for you!  Or join us for Baskets and Bellinis on Tuesday, April 16th from 5-8 or Thursday April 18th from 8:30-12.

Need a basket?  We will provide a basket at no charge for an purchase over $20 or more and help you wrap it up too!