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Easter: THREE ways to celebrate with your kids

If you have followed Kindness & Joy Toys very long, then you know I love a good celebration!  Whether it is celebrating a big base hit, the end of a good week, or a holiday ... I love to celebrate and Easter just happens to be one my favorites!  I love the focus on hope and restoration that the weeks leading up to Easter brings. I love how holidays bring families together.  I know that Spring can be a busy season for many families including ours, but I am looking forward to some intentional time with our boys over the next few weeks.

Here are three of our favorite things to do as a family!

1. Decorate Eggs with Chunkies & The Eggmazing


Chunkies are a favorite in our home and a go to gift for so many of Kindness & Joy faithful!  They are quick drying paint sticks that are perfect for little hands.  The last few years we have used Chunkies to decorate eggs instead of dying them!  It's SO much cleaner and requires less prep and clean up, so I found myself saying "yes" more often when they asked to decorate eggs!

Click the photo below to find out more about Chunkies!


The Eggmazing Egg Decorator takes egg decorating to a whole new level of fun!  Drop in an egg, grab a marker, turn on the eggmazing, and the fun begins!  For added fun, you can dye the eggs beforehand!  My boys loved it so much last year, that they asked for it all year long.

Click the photo below to learn more about the Eggmazing!

For both the Eggmazing and the Chunkies eggs, I have used regular hard boiled eggs as well as the DIY white eggs in the carton that I found at Wal-Mart. A great way to spend some time together will less prep and less mess!


2. Read a Book

Kids love repetition ... and we read the same books over and over during the Easter season!  This is the second year that we have read "The Garden, The Curtain, and The Cross" and we will be adding their activity book this year. 

"A Very Happy Easter" will be a new book to our Easter Collection this year!  I love this sweet little book and how it focuses on the emotions that the disciples and those around Jesus must have felt!  We will also be reading this book for Story Time in the shop on Friday April 19th and Saturday April 20th at 10:30.

The "Big Picture Story Bible" is one of our go to reads all year around.  We also read through these stories in the weeks leading up to Easter.

For more information on these books, click the photos above.

3. Walk through the Easter Story

Whether it's the Easter Story Eggs, Resurrection Eggs, or something similar ... I love a tangible object kids can hold in their hands to talk about the events of Holy Week.

The Easter Story Eggs walk through Holy Week beginning with Palm Sunday and finishing with an empty tomb egg on Easter Sunday!

The Easter Story Eggs also span a wide variety of ages and scaled depending on the age of your kids.  If you have older kids, you can share more details or even let them share the story with younger siblings.

Click the picture above to find out more about the Easter Story Eggs.


Maybe you decorate eggs once and read a few books or maybe it's a daily activity in the days leading up to April 21st.  Whatever your celebration looks like, I hope that you enjoy this season with your family!